God of War Director Criticizes PS5’s High Price in Brazil


God of War: It’s no secret to say that the PlayStation 5 price in Brazil is one of the most expensive in the world. However, it is not very common to see some industry figures criticizing these realities, and this was the recent case of Cory Barlog, creator of God of War.

In a message posted on his official Twitter profile, he mentioned that each region should have the price adjusted to its reality, as video games should be a reality “for everyone” – however, a user who follows his profile pointed out that, by except around here, that’s not quite how things happen.

“This is difficult considering how expensive they are these days. A PlayStation 5 in Brazil costs five minimum wages. This is no longer something for everyone”, commented the owner of the Phiter profile on the social network.

“Yeah, frankly that sucks. And, to be clear, I mean it sucks that they cost so much and the price isn’t adjusted according to each region, I just realized that maybe you could read that I think you’re talking nonsense – and you’re not it is,” commented Barlog.

It didn’t take long for this whole situation to reverberate in forums like ResetEra, where users began to criticize taxes as responsible for the abusive prices of consoles in some regions.

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