God of War, Demon’s Souls and Others May Come To PC


God of War: A developer who said he was able to access the GeForce Now database revealed that God of War, Returnal, and Demon’s Souls are among the games that could be coming to PC soon. Also, he said he found games not advertised by the streaming platform, such as Mafia: Definitive Edition.

The developer, called Ighor July, posted the findings on his blog on Medium on Sunday (12). He said he did the reverse engineering work using older versions of NVIDIA service apps and said he found not only a list of games listed, but also apps like Photoshop and Microsoft Office (which developers should use).

As for the most interesting gaming find, Sony exclusives that have not yet been announced for PC are included. “This game is PlayStation exclusive and probably won’t hit other platforms anytime soon. But why are you here then? He says the game is located in the Steam store, but it’s not found anywhere on Steam. Maybe it’s the leak of the game’s release coming soon?” He argued about God of War, which is listed to get to the computer through the Valve store.

Also on the list are unconfirmed PC titles like Gran Turismo 7, remasters from GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas and others already guaranteed like Uncharted Collection.

Nintendo and Microsoft

July also revealed to have found Dolphin, a game emulation platform, in the GeForce Now archives. Also, Nintendo exclusive games like New Super Mario Bros. were in the library. Wii, which according to him is possible to play with the emulator.

“Is it a coincidence? Who knows…but if you look closer, you’ll find an ‘NVIDIA Confidential’ label, which possibly means NVIDIA doesn’t want you to know they’re playing these games illegally.”

The developer shared all the findings with NVIDIA itself 4 months ago, but said they weren’t interested in the matter. After realizing that they “didn’t care”, he decided to publish the investigation on the internet.

About the Japanese brand’s games, programmer Pavel Djundik recalled on Twitter that NVIDIA has partnered with Nintendo to bring the titles to China, through NVIDIA Shield, which would respond to the existence of the issue.

Titles from Microsoft, which have already been revealed, are also part of the giant list of GeForce Now. This is the case of Avowed and Fable, for example.

unrevealed games

July’s discovery and Reddit’s user involvement in the matter even brought up a list of thousands of games, including some that weren’t announced for any platform. Among them are: Crysis 4, The Talos Principle 2, Tekken 8, Chrono Cross Remaster, Kingdom Hearts IV, Monster Hunter 6, Titanfall 3 and Dragon’s Dogma 2, for example.

Despite the amount of revelations, developers said they need to handle all of this with caution. As for the games that are supposed to make it to PC, they said NVIDIA might just be testing them.

Regarding unannounced titles, there is the possibility that they are just initial projects that might have been cancelled, for example. Because of this, it is important to treat everything as a rumor, as none of the companies involved has officially commented on the topic.

But then, would you like to play God of War on PC? And what do you think of the release of a supposed Chrono Cross Remaster? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!


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