God of War Creator David Jaffe Criticizes The Difficulty Of Games Like Metroid Dread


God of War: He is very critical of the design and difficulty of some titles: “you should be more demanding with the developers who sell you shit.” David Jaffe, the popular creator of God of War, has been especially critical of some recent video games through his official YouTube and Twitter accounts, where he has charged hard against the difficulty and design of titles such as Metroid Dread, Returnal or Kena : Bridge of Spirits. So much so, that he has shared a video in which he himself explains where the latest MercurySteam fails, criticizing both its difficulty and a poor game design.

David Jaffe charges against the difficulty of the current video game

While in our recent Metroid Dread review we praised “the design, which branches out and extends to offer hours of exploration without taking us by the hand; and for the selection of bosses, who take advantage of the best combat of the saga in its 2D aspect. The robots E.M.M.I. they can test the patience of some players, but they create situations of genuine tension and the development doses them enough ”, it seems that David Jaffe does not agree very much with the gaming experience that Samus Aran’s latest adventure offers.


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