God of War | Comparison PS5 vs PS4 and PS4 Pro


SIE Santa Monica Studio title patch 1.35 is now available for free to PlayStation 5 players who own the game.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and SIE Santa Monica Studio released God of War patch 1.35 on PlayStation 5. This free update makes the original PS4 video game released in 2018 harness some of the power of the company’s new generation of consoles. with certain notable new features now verified by El Analista de Bits, whose YouTube channel once again serves as a faithful example of these improvements through a video comparison.

God of War: 4K resolution and 60 FPS on PS5

SIE Santa Monica began by making it clear that there were four aspects to take into account with this next gen God of War update: 60 uncompromised FPS, 4K resolution rescaled, option to native 4K resolution (2160p) and free for both former players of the I play like those who buy it now.

As The Bit Analyst explains, this patch is mainly based on eliminating the 30 FPS ceiling that was available in the PS4 Pro resolution mode, so that this time the frame rate can be doubled; now constant 60 FPS. Another aspect to highlight is that it is still running via backward compatibility, so that a PlayStation 4 title is still running. Therefore, it does not take advantage of features such as DualSense, although it does draw distance and general load times. However, “the fast trip maintains the same times with respect to the previous version,” he adds.

Apparently, this version of God of War on PS5 does not have any performance problems or offers surprises in resolution, which is still 3840x2160p (on televisions or monitors with Ultra HD output) via checkerborard, rescaled.


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