God of War Becomes The Last of Us 2 in Abby vs Ellie Fashion

The new God of War mod turns the game into The Last of Us 2, turning Kratos and Baldur into Abby and Ellie. In two exclusive PlayStation franchises, grey-haired warriors travel through harsh fictional worlds accompanied by brave but capable children. Since the release of the game on PC, many modifications of God of War have appeared, for example, replacing Kratos and Atreus with Homer and Bart Simpsons, and now the modder has turned the mythological name into a recreation of The Last of Us 2.
The post-apocalyptic epic Naughty Dog The Last of Us follows Joel and Ellie, two survivors who must cross America after a fungal infection ravages the world. Although the duo’s journey is insidious, the title focuses more on the emotional development of Joel and Ellie’s relationship. Meanwhile, in the second part of The Last of Us 2020, Ellie embarks on a brutal quest for revenge on another survivor named Abby. The plot and tone of the series are often compared to God of War 2018, in which the main character of the series Kratos travels through Scandinavian myths with his young son Atreus. Previously, fans turned Kratos and Atreus into Joel and Ellie in the “One of Us” crossover mod for God of War, and now the new mod serves to recreate “The Last of Us 2” instead.
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YouTube blogger Speclizer recently demonstrated the God of War PC mod, in which the Kratos model is replaced by Abby from The Last of Us 2, and Baldur becomes the vengeful Ellie. The first boss battle against Baldur turns into another brutal match between the main characters of The Last of Us 2, where Abby and Ellie perform increasingly hilarious feats, such as throwing each other into rocks and punching each other in the sky. While Speclizer demonstrates the mod in a video that also uses voice clips from TLOU2, the mod was actually created by another YouTuber, Silence Exterminator.
While Abby and Ellie are classic rivals, the modification of God of War with the participation of the Master Chief recreates the classic rivalry between Xbox and PlayStation. This mod replaces Baldur with the legendary power armor of the Master Chief Mjolnir, allowing Kratos and John-117 to arrange a truly epic battle for the superiority of their particular console. The fight is long and brutal, although the lack of sci-fi weapons in God of War puts the Master Chief at a disadvantage.
Modifications of God of War for PC allowed fans to create truly creative crossovers, and the latest Speclizer video serves as a revenge of Last of Us 2. Abby and Ellie got into a fight several times during the post-apocalyptic sequel Naughty Dog, but now they can fight with the power of the gods. By adding voice clips from The Last of Us 2, Speclizer can create a truly authentic and fun cross-battle.