God of War and Hades win crossover in Twitter Fan Art


Hades was one of the biggest surprises of 2020. Voted by many as the Best Game of the Year, the game for Nintendo Switch and PC brings a storyline that involves Greek mythology. The same that served as a background for the first games of the God Of War franchise. As a result, a fan decided to join the two games in one art and make it available on Twittter.

Adrian Cruceanu is a digital artist at KillHouse Games who also fell in love with the game Hades. This led Adrian to create a kind of tribute, where Kratos, protagonist of God of War, appears as if he were part of the game.

The dialogue is a kind of advice from Kratos, who had a hard time during his saga also in Greek mythology. He says:

“Expecting someone else, boy? You must not trust the gods. They are fickle creatures. You will do well to remember that on your journey.”

Although simple, the art brings a stylized Kratos with a face similar to what Hades presents in his characters. It was also enough that many fans had already started asking for the character’s participation in a new game in the franchise.

Is that you? Would you like to see this crossover?


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