God of War: adult Atreus art is a fan’s dream


Artist Rodrigo Idalino, from the Brazilian studio Aquiris Game Studio (Horizon Chase Turbo), shared on his Artstation profile a fantastic recreation of Atreus, showing how Kratos’ son would be in his grown and more mature version.

Since the announcement of God of War: Ragnarok, several artists have come to imagine what Atreus’s return would be like, betting on young or adult versions that made reference to Nordic culture, but without mischaracterizing the character. And now, Rodrigo Idalino makes one more bet for the hero’s look, bringing the grandeur and seriousness of the God of War with some details that are worth a lot of attention.

In the images below, it is possible to observe that Atreus has a face painting similar to that of his father, but more extensive at its ends. Idalino also showed some conceptual designs for armor, with three distinct visual models. In addition, the Blades of Chaos have been transformed into the Blades of Valhalla, and it can be assumed that they really look incredibly beautiful. Check out all the details below.

So far, nothing has been reported about what the final version of Atreus will look like in the new game of the God of War franchise, but with the images shared by Idalino it is already possible to be sure how we want to see Kratos’ son on Sony consoles.


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