God brought Her Into The World , Emily Ratajkowski In Bed


Satisfied! God brought her into the world, Emily Ratajkowski in bed. She spent hours and hours accompanied by stirring between the sheets.

Who doesn’t like to be lying in bed in good company? I can’t think of a better plan for fall or winter. And if you hurry me either for spring or for summer. A good afternoon resting in bed is something divine. That brings us closer to those pleasures, which at the moment are free, and that take us to heaven.

Not everyone has the same tastes, I once met a girl who did not like being in bed longer than necessary. “We spend too much time lying down, life escapes us. You have to do things. ” And that I thought, you have to do things. Of course. But in bed you can also.

Emily Ratajkowski has done many things in her life. And not in bed. I’m sure that too. Surely she spends hours and hours lying listening to music, reading, enjoying smiles and providing joys. But of that, the good one of Emily, cannot live.

She has been mainly dedicated to starring television commercials, such as the famous Paco Rabanne colony. And it is that her image is one of the most sought after on the internet. And brands know that to associate with it is to bring success to their product.


It would be unfair to say that she is just an image. Well Emily Ratajkowski is much more. She has gone on television and has now also made the leap to the cinema. Her talent is beyond doubt. And every day is adding more because it does not stop working for it.


We have seen her in bed in the company of her mobile phone as God brought her into the world. With her intense look and perfect figure. Sculpted in the gym and worked for years with good food. This is how we should spend the autumn mornings. You have to learn from her. She looks satisfied. As it should be.

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