Meta: Marketing Agency Will Sue Facebook For Branding


Meta: A digital marketing agency operating in several Latin American countries is going to sue Meta, the new name of the company that controls Facebook.

MileniumGroup claims that the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg makes improper use of the logo when appropriating a symbol that has been used for some time by the agency. In this case, it refers to the logo that forms an “M”, but it also makes a reference to the infinity symbol.

However, it is possible to see some differences in the design and shape of the “M” of the Meta, in addition to the applied blue tone.

According to the complaint, MileniumGroup registered the brand in its new visual identity in March 2020, and a few months ago it started to adopt it in multiple colors from a new campaign that was even shown on television in countries like Argentina. As the Target was only unveiled in August 2021, this would be an infringement of the agency’s intellectual property and creative work.

For now, Meta has not yet commented on the allegation and neither confirms having received the action in the “cease and desist” format for the US giant to stop using the brand.