Gmail’s New Secret Feature Protects Your Computer Against Viruses


Google has significantly increased security, with a feature it added to Gmail last year that is not even noticeable to users. Gmail’s new feature makes harmless Office files that come in addition to the mail.

For the security of computers and data, it is recommended not to open e-mail attachments from people who have not been known for years. Google managed to avoid this problem with a new deep learning algorithm that it developed.

The new deep learning algorithm developed by Google for Gmail comes into effect when an additional file comes with the email. The algorithm disables the file before the malware in the Office document attached to the email comes into play.

Regarding Gmail’s new algorithm, Google also published a blog post. “Our technology is especially helpful in detecting attacks,” says Google’s blog post. In cases of attack, our new algorithm has increased the detection rate by 150 percent. Our algorithm uses a different TensorFlow deep learning model trained with TFX (TensorFlow Extended) and a special document analysis for each file type. Document analyzers; responsible for parsing the document, identifying common attack patterns, breaking content and debugging. ”

Gmail’s algorithm works with existing protective measures. In this way, both computer and e-mail addresses can be kept safe against cyber attacks.

Google explained that malicious documents accounted for 58 percent of attacks targeting Gmail users, so this technology against documents is important. The algorithm is currently only working on Office files, not against other mail attachments.


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