Gmail’s Dark Mode Disappeared on Some Phones


Gmail, Google’s official email application, offers dark mode support integrated into the operating system. According to information shared by some users on social media and technology forums, Gmail dark mode support has disappeared on some phones.

With the release of Android 10, the developers started to offer dark mode support to their applications. Google, the developer of Android, recently offered dark mode support to Gmail in its applications. However, Gmail’s dark mode has been lost for some unknown reason.

Some Android users have reported that there is no dark mode support in the 2019.12.30.289507923 version of Gmail, which was released recently. The number of posts on social media networks such as Twitter and Reddit, indicating that Gmail’s dark mode has disappeared, has increased.

Users who said that the dark mode option disappeared mostly had OnePlus phones. However, some Google Pixel users also report that Gmail’s dark mode option has disappeared. Some users say that restarting the phone fixes the problem.

Google hasn’t made a statement regarding Gmail’s Android app losing dark mode support on some phones. An update has not yet been released to fix the issue in Gmail’s Android app.


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