Gmail’s Android design is changing! Here is the new state


Gmail, one of the most used e-mail services worldwide, is one of the applications that should not be missed on mobile devices. We are sure that if you are a Gmail user, you also install the mobile application on your phone for a simplified experience. With its new Android design, Gmail is preparing to welcome users of the application in a different way.


Gmail joins the caravan with new Android design

When Google introduced Android 12 in the past months, a different design approach from previous versions greeted us. Closer tones, more oval edges and simplified menus were the highlights of this new understanding. The company, which has recently announced revisions for the Translation and Chrome applications with this design approach, brought the order to Gmail this time. The new Gmail design has started to be distributed to those using Android 12 with the update.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Google revamp its app designs. The company plans to gradually move to more material designs in all of its applications. Probably by next year all Google apps will have switched to a slightly different design.

If we go back to the new design of Gmail; Since these lines come with Android 12, primarily Android 12 users can try the new design. However, even if you meet all the requirements, you may not see updates in the Play Store. In this case, what you need to do is to download and install the latest Gmail version as APK file. For some people it may be better to just be patient, as doing this can be inconvenient in some situations.


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