Gmail Will Show You The Logos Of The Real Companies that Send You Messages


Gmail: Checking email is a task that all Internet users do at least once a day. And this is not an exaggeration, since if you are subscribed to one or more news services, you will surely receive several emails a day with content that may interest you. But you can also get malicious mail, the kind that neither interest you, nor have you asked for, nor do you any good to your computer or mobile. Luckily we have taught you techniques to recognize them, but Gmail will help you with another improvement that will put images of the companies in their real emails.

The new way to recognize real emails in Gmail

Cybersecurity is one of the main concerns for users who come and go on the Internet. Not only does it matter that your passwords are completely secure, you also need your emails to be clean of all those false messages that arrive in the Gmail tray.

It turns out that those in Mountain View have a new function in place that consists of putting official images of the companies that send you messages. That is, each email from a well-known brand will have its image to mark it as official and will be a sign of identity for all those who come verified as such. Then it will not be so difficult to know what type of message you receive from each company and which ones are not.

An improvement against spam mails

If you are a user of the Google email system, you will know that the company itself has different functions to be a productive customer. It puts you in different folders where you can see the content clearly differentiated between what you really need to see and what you may not be interested in. You will have one for promotions, another for the mail you receive from your friends, a main one and a last one for promotions.

It is true that in some of these trays a malicious message can sneak in, but the truth is that you will not need more than a glance to know which are the ones that you do not need or open with this new Gmail function to put the images of the companies. According to 9to5Google, this feature will be available in the coming weeks, so it won’t be as long a wait as in other types of functions.


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