Gmail should receive new icons for desktop version


Gmail is receiving a series of updates to its icons for the desktop version. The novelty detected by Android Police consists only of changing the figures that are in the folder navigation sidebar and the actions listed at the top of an email. The design remains the same, but the icons that were previously completely filled in gray, will only have the outlines.

The initiative is the result of a sequence of changes made to promote greater synchronization between the Gmail interfaces. In the past few days, the application has also received updates to disable intelligent text correction, becoming more integrated with the company’s other services.

It is a small adjustment and is not yet available to everyone, but it promotes greater synchronization between the web and mobile versions, the latter that has used the icons like this for years. It is important to note that none of the features have been changed, they only offer more cohesion between the Gmail interfaces.

The update is still being tested with a small number of users. The company has not confirmed when the improvement will be distributed to everyone, but changes to the application are expected to be widely implemented when the Google IO developer conference is held.


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