Gmail: New Warning Reduces Chance of Falling Into Phishing Scam


Gmail: Google yesterday (29) added a new feature that tries to reduce phishing scams especially in corporate environments. The idea is to alert the user to messages that pretend to be official or sent by people who are not real contacts.

The resource is a yellow label called “External”, which notifies you when the email was sent by a person who is outside your corporate network or is not even on your contact list. Thus, the ideal is to be careful when passing information or clicking on links sent in the message.

Network administrators can enable or disable the tag at any time. For now, Google has only provided protection for Android and the client version for browsers, with a period of 15 days for the entire community to have access.

It will be released to customers of Google Workspace and G Suite Basic and Business plans.

The idea of ​​the new security layer is to protect employees and executives in particular. Phishing in corporate environments is one of the ways to obtain access credentials for company systems, platforms and even social networks – an initial step that can lead to data theft and even the execution of scams such as ransomware.


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