Gmail Makes Mobile Audio And Video Calls Easy


Gmail: From now on, making voice and video calls through the Gmail app just got easier, with the update released by Google on Monday (6). The novelty, which reaches the versions of the email service for Android and iOS, is exclusive for calls between two people, in principle, not offering support for use in groups.

Calls through the Gmail app were already offered, but the procedure to start them was marked by complexity, making many users choose other simpler tools. To use the solution, you had to create and send a video conferencing link via Google Meet, which was a lot of work.

But with this update, just tap the phone or video button, depending on the type of call you want, located in front of the contact’s name, in the upper right corner, to initiate the call. During the call, a banner with details about the call is displayed, while missed calls are identified with a red icon in the chat list.

According to the Mountain View company, the change aims to facilitate communication with co-workers at a time when many companies still maintain a remote or hybrid format, due to the new coronavirus pandemic. With it, big tech wants to centralize all its communication tools in Gmail.

Available to all users

All Google Workspace users as well as G Suite Basic and business customers will have access to the new feature. The new feature will also be made available to users with personal accounts on Google’s free email service.

It is worth noting that the update is being rolled out gradually, meaning it may not be available to some people at this time. The search giant’s forecast is that everyone will receive the news by December 21st.