Gmail is testing new icons on the desktop


Google’s mail service is now testing icons that exist in Gmail, Android and iOS applications on the desktop version. According to the news site Android Police, some users started to see icons similar to those in Gmail’s app on their desktop browsers.

New icons make mobile and desktop Gmail compatible

Rather than fully populated gray icons, the new icons with an outline design aim to connect the mobile and desktop Gmail experience more closely, Android Police reported.

The new icon designs, which are not noticed at first glance, attract attention with their fine-looking structure. In addition, Gmail, which has remained unchanged in functionality, provides a little more harmony between the look and feel of mobile and desktop interfaces thanks to new icons.

It is thought that the new icons, which are not yet widely visible to users, will reach all users slowly. It is also possible that the updated icons will be another A / B test for selected users.

Are you considering new desktop icons aimed at making Gmail more compatible with the mobile version?


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