GMail changes its appearance to give space to Chats


Google has made major changes to the services it offers. In the last two years he has dedicated himself to studying all the applications he had and if they were really useful or used. Hence, some have disappeared or have been reinvented to offer the same but improved. One of them is Chats that will now have a better space in GMail.

Chats will have more presence in GMail

Google pays close attention to the way users communicate. At first there was only GMail, but now there are many tools that you have at your fingertips to talk to people. One of them is Chats and it can be consulted from the messaging application itself. However, it is not possible to have access to all the chats at once, so in Mountain View they have found a solution.

This involves changing an aspect, or rather it is about modifying the space of the sidebar to give it more presence. Maybe what you want to have on hand is a conversation with a contact or a room that you need to see yes or yes. According to the company “You can now resize the Chat and Rooms sections in the navigation on the left side of Gmail on the web. This makes it easier to stay on top of your most important conversations and navigate to relevant chats faster. ”

Changing the size of this section is very simple and you only need to select the border between sections until the cursor changes shape. Then you just have to raise or lower the tab until the interface changes and you have all the rooms you need in view.

All your Hangouts contacts in Chats
You may remember Hangouts, the successor to Chats. The app changed its name and operation, so much so that it was even necessary to make a guide for users to keep all the data intact after a migration. Luckily, the process was very simple


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