Gmail becomes more loved by users


It was announced that Gmail, which Google has put into service for sending e-mails, will gain customizable features with a new blog post. Gmail, the world’s most popular e-mail service, gets new smart features and personalization settings. In this way, Gmail gains new features.

Gmail gains new features

The new features planned for Google are in addition to the feature that allows users to delete their personal data from the database. With the customizable feature, users will now have more control over their data.

Smart features include inbox control, smart typing and smart replies, and more. In addition, Google offers the freedom to turn on and off smart features for Gmail users for applications such as Chat and Meet.

Turning on / off smart features and customizing / not personalizing user data will be presented to the person individually. By enabling users to focus on their own data and their movements within the application, Google aims to protect privacy.

However, if you don’t like these features, you can continue your normal activities in Gmail. The aforementioned features will be presented to users in the coming weeks.

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