Gmail App Now Available by Default on iOS 14


Updating the Gmail app for iOS 14, Google started allowing the app to be the default. IPhone owners can now set Gmail as the default email app instead of the Mail app.

US-based technology giant Apple recently released its new mobile operating system iOS 14. iPhone users are now beginning to discover the innovations in the new operating system. In addition, the developers are trying to make their applications compatible with iOS 14. In this context, the team, which updated the Gmail application for iOS 14, started to allow this e-mail application to be the default on iPhones.

Google’s version 6.0.200825 of Gmail in the App Store now offers users a better experience. Because users can set this email client as the default application. Users who dislike the iPhone’s default “Mail” app will now be able to set Gmail as default.

If users remove Mail or other third-party email apps from their iPhone, Gmail automatically becomes the default email client. However, users can manually set Gmail as the default email application instead. To do this, you can use Gmail in the “Settings” section of your phone.

By the way, Gmail is not the only application Google is working on. The company continues to work to make other applications compatible with iOS 14. In fact, users can now set Google Chrome as their default internet browser if they wish. In addition, the team is working on fixing errors in the Google Assistant and Google Photos app.

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