Gmail Allows Users To Save Directly To Google Photos


Gmail users can register directly to Google Photos. Gmail users will now be able to store the pictures in the e-mail sent to them directly in the Google Photos service. The “Save to Photos” icon is next to the “Save to Drive” and “Download” icons.

The ability to register directly to Google Photos saves Gmail users from doing any extra action. However, it should be noted that this opportunity is only valid for images in JPEG format for now.

According to the information provided by Google, the “Save to Photos” icon will be distributed to all Gmail users, including personal accounts. Due to the fact that the distribution will be made gradually, it may take up to 15 days for this feature to reach all users.

It can be said that Gmail users who can already access the recording facility on Google Photos are lucky. Because as of June 1, all photos and videos to be saved in Google Photos will take place in a common area of ​​15 GB shared with Gmail and Workspace. Those who do not own a Pixel device will have to pay for the extra space.


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