GM launches modular engine to equip its new electric cars


After Elon Musk played the electric future in the Western auto industry, other American automakers followed, and General Motors (GM) is no exception: the company announced the Ultium Drive family, a set of five interchangeable transmissions and three modular electric motors that must equip its next generation of electric vehicles.

According to the company, “Ultium Drive combines electric motors and single speed transmissions to apply the energy generated by Ultium battery cells to the wheels of GM’s next electric vehicles, helping the company to transition its current portfolio to a fully electrical. ”

In a statement, the automaker says that “GM will save on vehicle design and production costs by developing the Ultium Drive alongside its next generation of EVs, taking advantage of internal experience to improve efficiency and fit traction units and engines to future vehicles. ”

Increased capacity

The project is modular, that is, its units can be used in different types of vehicles. The company is also developing a wireless battery management unit capable of reducing wiring by up to 90%, which would lead to physically smaller cells or with greater capacity.

The expansion of the automaker’s electric portfolio not only includes the launch of the Ultium Drive but also a change in the assembly lines, which will now be “flexible and shared, allowing the company to more quickly increase its production of electric vehicles and achieve economies of scale” .

The automaker expects to launch 12 electric cars over the next three years. One of them is the Cadillac Lyriq, the first of the brand, at a cost of US $ 75 thousand (R $ 396 thousand). The Hummer will return to the market (two electric models), while the luxury car segment will gain a model based on the Cadillac X75 and Celestiq, with an estimated price of US $ 200 thousand (more than R $ 1 million).


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