Gloves where you can control heat from your phone: Candle Gloves


Nowadays, we started to manage everything by phone, but this technology is just coming to the clothes we wear every day. The latest product of the industry is Candle Gloves, developed by Candle Apparel.

Developing technology has started to show up in all our clothes we wear in our daily lives. Jackets and coats with which you can manage heat with your phone, glasses that make life a game interface, and of course smart watches are just one example. Of course, the developments do not stop there.

The gloves that we can manage the heat by phone have been available for a while. However, these gloves are generally designed for use in activities such as skiing and are quite thick. Candle Apparel, based in Vancouver, Canada, has developed a new product to overcome this problem.

Candle Apparel’s ‘Candle’ gloves are designed for everyday use. The gloves are made of silk, artificial rubber and lycra to be flexible, air-permeable and wind and water resistant. At each fingertip there is a special fabric that allows you to use your phone without taking off your gloves.

But the glove doesn’t just end with these features. Now, let’s get to the technology side. The basic material of the glove contains a continuous carbon fiber heating layer. This layer is powered by a removable lithium polymer battery. The battery is located behind the glove.

According to the information shared by the company, the glove can warm the wearer’s hands to 50 degrees Celsius. In addition, glove users can choose between three different heating levels. The highest heating option can heat the user’s hand with a single charge for 3 hours.

The lowest heating option doubles the amount of time it can warm your hand for 6 hours. Well, we understand everything. What do we do when the gloves get dirty? Quite simply! These gloves can be easily thrown into the washing machine. Of course, the batteries need to be removed before throwing them into the wash.

Candle Gloves, developed by Candle Apparel, awaits its supporters on Indiegogo. If the project receives the necessary support, each pair of gloves will be available for $ 160.


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