Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion DLC Void Warden Character Guide


With the release of the newest addition, Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, four elementary classes have been added to the digital version of this outdated board game. Players looking for a mercenary to support their squad will find value in the Void Guardian, a support character who mainly deals damage by controlling enemies and allies to attack. While the game recommends using the Void Keeper in large groups, this powerful support can carry weight even in teams of two characters.

Using the Grim Haven Void Guardian to its full potential can be a daunting task. The character has weak initiative and minimal direct attacks. This leads to the character succeeding in major battles, but hesitating if he is ever left to duel. The key to positioning the Void Guardians is to stay right behind the mercenaries on the frontline, such as the new Grim Haven Red Guard class. With proper positioning and coordination, the Void Guardian can become one of the most powerful support classes in Grim Haven.

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As for privileges, updating the Void Guardian Modifier deck may seem pointless at first due to the nature of mind control abilities. However, Master Influence turns this mechanic on its head, allowing the player to use their own deck for attacks that they force enemies to make. This is an important mechanic for the Guardian of the Void due to his tendency to curse enemies. If there are many ways to apply a Dark color, players may want to get two points in Frost, and then two points in Umbra. Finally, Resilient can be useful for ignoring some unpleasant scenario effects, allowing players to dominate this tactical tabletop RPG.

The Best Starting Cards For The Guardian Of The Void In The Gloomy Harbor

When it comes to the cards that players must use to guard the Void of Grim Haven, the Master’s Influence is the quintessence of mind control construction. Signs of the Void is a pretty lackluster map, but its 15 levels make it essential for any starting build. Of the cards available to the new Guardians of the Void, the next deck should be strong for new character players:

The signs of the abyss, presented by the abyss, freeze the soul, scratch, extinguish the light, darken the void, capture the influence of the Lord of Destinies, suggest that this is an insane Warmth / Black good.

The bottom of The Frenzy is an extremely powerful and versatile card, strong both with and without dark infusion. If you are playing in a group of two characters, players may want to use Black Boon instead of Sap Warm. Overall, these Void Keeper cards should help any Grim Haven newcomer in their fight against the Gloom.