Globo closes 7-year partnership with Google Cloud


Globo and Google Cloud announced a strategic partnership focused on innovation. The seven-year agreement involves the migration of 100% of Globo’s private data center to Google’s cloud environment, the creation of an application for Android TV, the optimization of processes for the production, editing, transmission and distribution of varied content and the digitization of the server infrastructure focused on the channel’s digital products.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as data management, are some of the solutions offered by big tech. In addition, the companies indicate, the storage capacity will be malleable, according to the needs in times of high demand – allowing, also, cost optimization and new models and business opportunities.

“The announcement is in line with Globo’s recent digital transformation, its restructuring focused on direct-to-consumer deliveries and its journey to become a mediatech company”, highlights Globo in a statement.

Consumer taste

The integration of Globoplay, the Brazilian streaming app, to Android TV natively is underway and is the first step in the union, combining open TV programming and Internet TV. Raymundo Barros, Globo’s Strategy and Technology director, explains that this action guarantees the broadcaster’s access to a set of skills capable of improving products with Google’s digital intelligence.

“This personalized intelligence makes Globoplay different and adherent to what each consumer likes”, he stresses, adding that this will be extended to other solutions of the company.

Finally, Eduardo Lopez, president of Google Cloud for Latin America, indicates that processing, capacity, flexibility and digital security will be dedicated to the understanding of the public.

“We can understand how to make offers and how to be close to the viewer, using technology on critical missions. With new projects, we can modernize media companies and help with the digital transformation”, he defends.


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