Global electric vehicle sales up 39% in 2020


A survey by analytics firm Canalys shows that global sales of electric vehicles increased by 39% in 2020. As a result, the electric sector has reached the mark of 3.1 million units sold worldwide.

The result is considered extremely surprising to analysts. That’s because the overall car market dropped 14% in 2020.

“In a difficult year for the automotive industry like 2020, the strong demand for trams has been a really bright spot. This will continue worldwide in 2021, despite the economically adverse conditions ”, says Chris Jones, chief analyst at Canalys.

The document shows that trams represent almost 5% of new car sales in 2020. For 2021, the number is expected to exceed 7% worldwide. An additional 66% growth to exceed 5 million units sold.

The survey projects that the number of sales of trams is expected to increase to 30 million a year by 2028. Analysts also predict that they will represent almost half of all cars sold globally by 2030.

“Rapid growth will continue as more electric vehicles are launched and governments will define and maintain policies to stimulate the production and sale of these models,” says Sandy Fitzpatrick, vice president of Canalys.

China and Europe as the main markets

According to Canalys’ research, about 1.3 million electric vehicles were sold in China and Europe alone in 2020. This is four times more than the number of sales in the United States.

“Electric sales represent only 2.4% of new cars sold in the USA. Even the policies of a more supportive American government will not change things overnight, ”says Jones.


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