Glen Powell made a funny comment after Sydney Sweeney announced that she was going to “save the universe” in the new film “Barbarella”


Sidney Sweeney will play the main role and will become the executive producer of the remake of the cult classic 1968 film “Barbarella”. As one of the most sought-after stars at the moment, many other actors have commented on their excitement for her post. However, Glen Powell of Top Gun Maverick had a funny idea in his comment.

The film “Barbarella” is based on the French comic book by Jean-Claude Forest, and in 1968 a film was made based on it with Jane Fonda in the title role. According to Deadline, in 2020, the Forest Estate announced that it wanted to make a new film. Sweeney posted a photo from the classic comic on her Instagram to announce the exciting casting news:

What a costume! I’m sure Sweeney will look fantastic when he saves the universe. I assume that in the future many will dress up as a Halloween character, including Glen Powell, who commented:

I think I know my Halloween costume.

This comment is hilarious, mainly due to the fact that Powell in the female image shown in Sweeney’s post would look a little ridiculous on it. I think he should probably stick to a jumpsuit like the uniform he and the cast of Top Gun: Maverick wore in the movie. With “Best Shooter: Maverick” dominating the 2022 movie schedule, I’m guessing you’ll see a lot of “Maverick,” “Rooster,” and “Gallows” this Halloween. I’m also pretty sure that Sweeney’s character from Euphoria Cassie will be a staple on October 31 this year.

While Powell may not be the kind of guy who can rock a Barbarella suit, although that would be funny, I think he might understand something. Sweeney’s character, along with other actors from Euphoria, was very popular among Generation Z members on Halloween last year. In addition, Sweeney is also a major trendsetter, and she’s not afraid to look retro, like her early 00s wardrobe in the popular HBO show, or in a side piece after Megan Fox brought it back. So, I guess Barbarella will be a Halloween hit as soon as we see the actress in costume for the first time.

Along with Powell, quite a few actors have reported their excitement about Sweeney’s new project. This includes Vanessa Hudgens, who commented:

It’s time

I agree, girl, I think it’s time to make a funny sci-fi movie with women, it’s an added bonus that Sweeney takes on the role.

Many others expressed their enthusiasm that the actress got the role, including her co-star in the film “Euphoria” Jayvon Walton, who wrote:

Lieeeeoooooo 👏 👏 👏

While the excitement is real, we’ll have to wait a while to see Sweeney “save the universe.” There is currently no writer or director, but Sweeny is expected to be an EP.

Although we don’t know much about the new film, we can look back at the 1968 version. Despite the fact that it did not become a hit at the box office, it became a cult classic. In the film directed by Fonda, we follow a 41st century astronaut who tries to stop Duran Duran, an evil scientist who has a positron beam that can bring evil to the galaxy. I’m sure this new adaptation will be something like that, and Sweeney will be great as the main character.

Barbarella will be Sweeney’s third project, which is currently being developed jointly with Sony. She is going to lead the cast of the Marvel movie “Madame Webb” with Dakota Johnson, and the studio has also acquired “Registration”, which the Euphoria actress is going to produce and play the main role.

While we are waiting for all these exciting projects and future Halloween costumes, you can watch Sweeney in the films “Euphoria” and “White Lotus” with an HBO Max subscription.



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