Glee: Members Of Hogwarts Houses Of New Directions


When Glee premiered in 2009, Harry Potter fever was still in full swing. It’s a surprise to think that the Ryan Murphy series never really spoofed the idea of wizards in boarding school or featured a character obsessed with the idea of attending Hogwarts since it strived to have its finger on the pulse of pop culture.

If the members of the New Directions glee club did get the chance to attend Hogwarts, it might be tempting to sort the ambitious teens in Slytherin as a whole. But there are a few members of the original lineup who would fit right in with students in Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on June 20, 2022: Though Glee premiered as part of the FOX television lineup when it aired live, the Disney-FOX merger makes it part of the Disney family of properties now. As a result, Glee has become a surprising addition to the Disney+ streaming platform, allowing fans to relive their favorite episodes, favorite relationships, and analyze their favorite characters all over again.

Will Schuester: Slytherin

As the original glee club teacher, Will Schuester was primarily trying to relive his glory days as a student and recapture the feeling of winning glee club competitions. His desire to win and his willingness to push his students to do the same makes him an ambitious Slytherin.

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Mr. Schue could be very manipulative to achieve those ambitions. When he knew that the club needed a lead male vocalist, he planted drugs in Finn’s locker and threatened him with suspension unless he joined the club. The teacher regularly pitted his strongest singers against one another to get better performances, even if it made enemies out of friends. Mr. Schue even left his beloved teaching position for ones that offered him more power.

Sam Evans: Hufflepuff

When Sam was first introduced, he was the kind of person who genuinely wanted to be friends with everyone in the glee club. Santana even referenced him singing with Quinn as being sickeningly charming.

Sam put extra effort into the club. He might not be the most technically advanced singer or the best dancer, but he gave the club his all, even willing to play guitar for some numbers. He kept up with school while struggling to find a place to live and help support his family. Sam’s hardworking nature and kind personality make him a shoo-in for Hufflepuff.

Tina Cohen-Chang: Slytherin

Tina Cohen-Chang was a surprisingly reluctant member of the school glee club. In one of Glee’s best episodes, she revealed she only auditioned to fulfill a dare. Though she ended up being one of the strongest members of the club, Tina was also pretty sneaky.

Shy and wanting to be left alone by her classmates, Tina affected a stutter so others wouldn’t talk to her. Some of the most outside-the-box plans the glee club came up with over the years could be credited to Tina as well, making her a good fit for Slytherin.

Artie Abrams: Ravenclaw

Outside of his interactions with the glee club, not a lot was revealed about Artie. His life wasn’t explored as much as other New Directions singers like Finn, Kurt, or Rachel. What is clear, however, is that he always seemed to have an answer.

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Unlike most of the other club members who frequently believed things their friends told them, Artie maintained a healthy dose of skepticism. He was the first to raise his eyebrows at a lot of Brittany’s outlandish statements and quick to refute ones he knew weren’t true. Artie, like many of the club members, also had a pretty high academic standing in school and was always excited to learn about new music, techniques, and history, making him the perfect Ravenclaw.

Noah “Puck” Puckerman: Gryffindor

Puck was one of the most lost members of New Directions. He never seemed to know quite who he wanted to be or what he wanted to do with his life, but he relied on how he felt to help him figure it out. Sometimes, that meant betraying Finn, his best friend, by having a relationship with his girlfriend. Other times, that meant being a bully as an outlet for his anger.

Gryffindors are primarily known for their bravery, but they also tend to be passionate and impulsive students. They allow their emotions to rule them and don’t particularly want to change their ways. Puck would fit right in.

Mercedes Jones: Gryffindor

Over the course of the series, viewers learned that despite Mercedes having the best solos on Glee, she had a lot of insecurities. In one episode, she tried to lose weight to fit in with the other girls. In another, she doubted whether she was good enough to pursue music full time. But despite her fears, Mercedes kept going strong. That’s one of the reasons she sorts into Gryffindor.

Mercedes also had very strong convictions. Like most Gryffindors, she believed her own point of view was the right one, and wasn’t about to debate it. Gryffindors often draw a hard line against others’ opinions. Some might call them stubborn.

Kurt Hummel: Gryffindor

Mercedes and Kurt actually had a lot in common, so it makes sense that they would end up in the same Hogwarts house. Just like Mercedes, Kurt is both stubborn and brave, a sure fit for Gryffindor.

Despite living in an Ohio suburb with a lot of conservative views, Kurt came out to his friends and family not far into the first season. He also hated to back down from a challenge, going up against Rachel, and later both Mercedes and Rachel, in diva-offs. Kurt is a brave Gryffindor who is not ashamed of his love for the spotlight.

Quinn Fabray: Slytherin

No glee club member is sneakier than Quinn Fabray. Though Quinn ultimately had a good heart, she spent a lot of her high school career reinventing herself and manipulating the events around her to her advantage. She really couldn’t end up in any Hogwarts house other than Slytherin. After breaking up and making up, she regularly attempted to get Finn back, even while dating other people. Quinn also hid her past from her friends, and later her boyfriend, when she was in college. She tried out new personalities and allegiances every week on the series. It made her one of the most versatile characters on the show.

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Of course, an argument could be made for the Sorting Hat wanting to place Quinn in Ravenclaw. That sneakiness she exhibits is also a great sign of creativity and intelligence. The hat would likely have given Quinn a choice, and she would have chosen the house that provided more opportunity for her ambitions: Slytherin.

Mike Chang: Ravenclaw

Like Tina and Artie, Mike was a highly ranked student at McKinley High. If he got lower than an A on an assignment, he worried about what his parents would think. He had the head and memorization skills to pursue a path as a doctor, but that’s not where his heart lay. Mike’s combination of intelligence and creativity would have landed him in Ravenclaw.

Mike was able to use his skill set to pursue his passion: dance. He choreographed many of the glee club’s numbers during his time in school. Following his graduation, he decided to study ballet.

Santana Lopez: Gryffindor

Harry Potter fans who believe all Slytherins are antagonists might have initially put Santana in that camp. However, she wasn’t quite as manipulative as many think. Yes, she was ambitious, but her ambitions alone weren’t enough. Though she had a reputation as a mean girl, she wasn’t the kind who talked behind someone’s back or cheated her way into social circles. Instead, Santana delivered savage quotes and was loud and proud of her opinions, making her a definitive Gryffindor.

Like Quinn, a case could be made for Santana to be sorted into another house. In her case though, it’s Hufflepuff. Despite Santana’s vicious cutdowns, she’s an extremely loyal friend. She stood by the glee club, stood up for Brittany, and even managed to maintain a friendship with Quinn despite how often they argued. Santana was also one of the hardest working members of the group, constantly pushing herself further with dance and solos, pursuing roles on Broadway and on camera as an adult.

Brittany Pierce: Hufflepuff

Despite the late in the series reveal that Brittany was an undercover math genius, she would not be a good fit for Ravenclaw. She wasn’t someone who loved to learn but instead loved to do whatever made her happy.

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Brittany enjoyed singing and dancing, even if she couldn’t always memorize the steps. She wasn’t afraid of a little hard work, which was made clear thanks to her time in both New Directions and the Cheerios. Brittany was also incredibly loyal. She never turned her back on the members of New Directions once she was involved with the club. Brittany also placed a lot of stock in what the members told her. She’s definitely a Hufflepuff.

Rachel Berry: Slytherin

Though Glee is an ensemble show, if any one character could be singled out as the protagonist, it’s Rachel Berry. Glee is very much her story. But just because she’s a protagonist and she loves attention doesn’t make her a Gryffindor. Instead, she’s a Slytherin.

Like her frenemy Quinn, Rachel wasn’t afraid of lying or manipulating events to get what she wanted. But her scheming isn’t her biggest Slytherin trait; no one’s ambition on the series held a candle to hers. Rachel Berry never let anyone stop her from getting to Broadway. She even dropped out of her dream university to make her Broadway dreams come true ⁠— and then abandoned Broadway when a TV opportunity came her way!

Finn Hudson: Gryffindor

Quarterback, male lead of New Directions, and the guy always willing to help a friend out, Finn Hudson was definitely a Gryffindor. He was the quintessential teen hero.

Despite his comfort as a popular guy in school and the star of his football team, Finn refused his nice, happy bubble. Instead, he stepped out of his comfort zone to become one of the stars of the glee club, sticking up for the “losers” in the school. He was a hero to his glee club teammates and would have been to his fellow Gryffindors too.