Glee: Actresses who shared a scene in the series, but hated each other in real life


Glee begins when Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) takes over the show’s choir at the fictional William McKinley High School and attempts to restore it to its former glory, despite repeated attempts by cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) to destroy it. . The program focused heavily on the lives of the club’s student members, allowing it to address a wide range of social issues.

Glee also became known for its musical numbers based on covers of popular songs. The series debuted to positive reviews and enjoyed a large audience during its first few seasons, although its viewership eventually declined despite continued approval from critics.

Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn said a while ago that he would love to see a revival of Glee. The musical television series centered on a high school club and created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan ran from 2009 to 2015. The series was nominated for 19 Emmy Awards and four Golden Globes over the course of its six seasons.

In real life, high school can be quite a malicious place, and apparently high school dramas like Glee were no different, particularly when it comes to the strained relationship between two of their stars. Like Rachel Berry, an aspiring Broadway naive, and Santana Lopez, a cheerleader turned Glee club star, Lea Michele and Naya Rivera always played friends on screen, but their relationship was even worse off-camera.

After years of rumors of a feud between the two, Rivera confirmed that the two actresses did not get along, especially in later seasons, in her 2016 memoir Sorry Not Sorry. In the book, Rivera talked about her real relationship with Michele.

“I think Lea didn’t like sharing the spotlight. She had a hard time separating work from our outer friendship, she seemed to blame me for anything and everything that went wrong.

Tragically, Rivera passed away at the age of 33 in the summer of 2020 after drowning in a stream in a California lake and saving her young son in the process. Following Rivera’s death, Lea Michele posted some photos of her partner, indicating that despite the dispute between the two stars, she was devastated upon learning of Rivera’s tragic disappearance.