Glee: 13 Characters who didn’t have enough Writing Sticks


Some of the Glee characters have gone through six seasons of exciting ups and downs. Rachel, Kurt and Blaine had the most screen time, and therefore they had the most well-written characters in general, even if some decisions were completely out of character, for example, Rachel decided to leave Broadway for “This is It.” Rachel and NYADA initially rejected Kurt. .

For other characters, these story arcs seemed to either mean nothing or never materialized, even if the characters were around throughout the series. When minor characters like Dave Karofsky and Bert Hummel get full emotional arcs, it’s easy to see that the writers have let some characters down.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on June 20, 2022: As Glee moves to Disney+ streaming platforms, longtime fans can revisit their favorite storylines as often as they want. These storylines, however, may not include all the characters they would like to have. After all, the cast of Glee has grown huge over the course of six seasons, resulting in some characters not getting their due, no matter how much fans might want it.

Matt Rutherford

In the first season of Glee, only Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Tina and Artie were in the club, until Mr. Shu blackmailed Finn into joining him. This prompts several Cheerios to join them (Quinn, Santana and Brittany), as well as a couple of football players (Mike and Matt). While most of these new additions are in the show for the long term, Matt Rutherford wasn’t.

It is clear that Cheerios and football players were initially paired together for convenience. However, as Brittany, Santana, and Mike received storylines, Matt completely disappeared from the series. The audience never recognized him.


When McKinley High graduates Rachel, Kurt and Santana moved to New York, Rachel and Santana worked in a musical diner with another waitress named Dani, played by the talented Demi Lovato. Dani only appeared in a few episodes and didn’t even get a last name.

The chemistry between Dani and Santana was great, and the musical numbers in which Dani participated knocked her out of her rut. It’s a pity the writers didn’t give her much of a storyline, other than Santana’s love interest and band member Kurt.


It’s no secret that Nightingale Blaine Anderson became so beloved by fans that he had more character development than some of the original main characters of the show. Despite the fact that the Nightingales often appeared after Blaine’s performance, and some of them were even antagonists of the Glee Club, only a few of them even got names.

Considering how often viewers saw Nightingales at competitions during Kurt’s performances with them and during confrontations after school, it would be great for some of them to develop character.


Some may have chosen a drummer or bassist from a band that seemed to have always been present in the Glee Club class as characters in need of a storyline. Since they were together at the beginning of the series, it always seemed to the guitarist that he was going to turn into a character. None of the Glee band members even got names, except for pianist Brad.

The guitarist, played by Derick Nelson, usually accompanied Glee kids from the season 3 premiere to the season 5 graduation episode, as well as Rachel’s chaotic rendition of “Love Fool”. If any guy from the Glee band was going to get a chance— and more than one line—it had to be him. He and Brad both deserve their own storylines.

Brody Weston

Brody is a complex character who was eventually written off in favor of Finn. Played by Dean Geyer, Brody had an amazing voice and a strong relationship with Rachel, which was discarded in favor of screenwriters digging into sex workers.

The other problem is that Brody has one of the best Rachel relationships on the show, but he never got a second chance, unlike Finn, Puck and Jesse, who received several injections after being poisoned. Brody kept encouraging her and never undermined her. He had simply waited too long to discuss his work with her.

Sunshine Corazon

Since her first appearance on the show, Sunshine has been subjected to excessive harassment by Rachel, who began their first interaction with a lot of casual racism, followed by aggressive singing by Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Phone” in the women’s restroom. Rachel then sends Sunshine to the chicken house, but tries to justify her actions by saying that all this is done out of love for the Glee Club.

Sunshine is then seen as a guest character who appears twice more in Glee storylines, which doesn’t make sense. Sunshine would have been a great main character in the second season, but their raw vocal power was clearly too much for the show.