Glassnode’s Latest Data Show Improvements in Ethereum


Glassnode’s latest data reveals that active Ethereum (ETH) supply has reached its highest level in 3 months, the number of new wallets has increased and blockchain is running faster.

Data shared by analytics company Glassnode show that the active supply of Ethereum (ETH), the second most popular cryptocurrency, has reached its highest level in three months. It was also stated that some of the other foundations of Ethereum have improved. The active supply of a digital currency refers to the amount of cryptocurrency transferred over a period of time. According to the data shared by Glassnode, ETH asset supply reached a new height of 20,653,710,315. Active procurement measured by this metric includes crypto transmitted by both retail and corporate owners.

Glassnode also shared data from a major South Korean exchange, which transferred 27,000 ETH (that is $ 5,529,139).

Other Improvements

Glassnode reported that other key factors for Ethereum have improved recently. The number of new ETH addresses also rose to the highest of three months to 4,470,875. In addition, according to the data of the analysis company, the average spacing between the new blocks produced in the ETH chain has now shrunk by 5.1 percent to 9,292. According to Etherscan, as of May 22, the time required to create a new Ethereum block is 13.32 seconds.

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