Glamorous Beyonce in yellow dress for Vogue shoots!


Beyonce unveiled a new clip from her Vogue shoot. This time around, the bombshell appears in a yellow evening dress. And it’s hot!

Warning the eyes ! Beyonce has struck again! The singer shared a new photo from her shoot for Vogue British. And her glamorous look left no one indifferent! We show you …

Beyonce has been in the news for several days. Indeed, the artist gave an exclusive interview to the famous magazine Vogue. She took the opportunity to make many revelations about her!

Jay-Z’s sweetheart spoke about family life, and raising her children. Queen B also confessed her new passion for honey production. These unusual secrets have therefore gone around the world!

But that’s not all ! Beyonce also amazed her fans by carrying out a sublime shoot for the fashion magazine. And to say the least, the bomb didn’t do things by halves!

The artist chose very glamorous outfits to make his comeback on newsstands. We can thus discover it with outfits of great designers. We love !


Yesterday, shared a new clip from her trendy shoot. This time, the bomb strikes a pose with a very imposing evening dress!

Indeed, Beyonce chose a pretty neon yellow dress with feathers! This perfectly enhances her body by showing her legs and her pretty cleavage!

Queen B also complements her trendy look with a bob and heeled sandals. And the result left no one indifferent!

Beyonce garnered over 2 million likes with this shoot. And people didn’t hesitate to compliment her in the comments.

“Canon”, “A goddess”, “What a grace”, “You are perfect” can we read among the reactions. Like what, this shooting was decidedly unanimous around the world!

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