Give Cristiano Ronaldo the most expensive diamond ring!


The soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has surprised everyone by giving the most expensive diamond ring in history to his partner Georgina Rodríguez

Regala Cristiano Ronaldo ¡El más caro anillo de diamantes!(Instagram)

The name of Cristiano Ronaldo is known around the world, not only for his success as a footballer after breaking several records throughout his career, but also because now he has become the man who gave away the most expensive diamond ring in the world. story to his beloved.

Georgina Rodríguez is the couple and mother of the 35-year-old footballer’s children, despite Ronaldo’s busy schedule, she took the time to acquire a piece that has made history in the world of jewelry.

It is said that the diamond ring that the Portuguese-born striker bought is valued at more than 700 euros, which when converted to Mexican pesos is approximately $ 17,519.73.

Cristiano Ronaldo, despite the fact that he already has four children with the beautiful model, so far they have not married, so some rumors claim that the ring he just gave him is precisely an engagement ring, so far no more have been given details.

The ring that the young forward bought him is a unique piece, from the Cartier firm and from the most expensive line that the brand has, in addition to this the footballer gave him more gifts, in addition to the fact that the model has assigned a certain amount of euros for his personal expenses, all this according to the portal Deportes four.

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To the surprise of many, Cristiano is not the only one who gives his partner spectacular gifts, on his last birthday Georgina gave him an impressive gift, a luxury truck for the love of his life.

Whenever they have the opportunity, the cute couple share on their social networks, or also at public events, they are seen to be extremely in love, especially when they appear in snapshots with their four beautiful children.

The model maintains an enviable figure, after having given birth on 2 occasions, to date she is one of the most beautiful women in the environment, the couple has been together since 2016.

Fortunately, Cristiano Ronaldo has a great financial affluence capable of paying these amounts of his extravagant gifts that he has made for his family, in addition to being one of the highest paid players (the second after Leo Messi) not only in football but also with the advertising, these deals earn you large sums of money.

He is currently playing with Juventus, and everyone is looking at him as the exalted and imposing player that he is.

Apparently any news related to the soccer player becomes news immediately because only on his Instagram account he has around 237 million followers, he is one of the celebrities with the largest number of fans in the Application, not counting other accounts in networks social.

As for her partner, she has 21 million 100 thousand followers on Instagram, the young Spanish woman seems to have not given birth to any child, because so far she is wearing a figure that surely causes many envies, something that we have appreciated throughout her publications, as she has no regrets in showing excess skin, proud of her figure from head to toe.

Every opportunity that Ronaldo has, he takes advantage of it to be with his family, rarely does he share a photograph or video of his wife and children, whenever he is with them you can see a big smile on his face, a sign that he enjoys those moments, it is in truly a very proud and above all loving father.

The couple alone or with their children always look radiant, it could be said that they are the perfect family because they reflect their love to all of their followers, and to everyone who knows them a little.

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