GitHub: Useful Video Upload Feature For Developers


GitHub added video support to its project repositories. This makes it easy for developers and other contributors to showcase design concepts or bug reproductions without writing lengthy descriptions and uploading a series of screenshots. Code hosting company GitHub started testing this feature last December and is now available to everyone. You can upload .mp4 and .mov files to issues, pull requests, and discussion comments.

In addition to easily showing errors caused by the code, videos can be useful for showing why you placed a pull request or what functionality you intend to add to the project with your most recent contribution.

Additionally, if this is an educational project, videos can help beginner programmers create their own courses with more explanatory lessons.

GitHub said that you can upload videos from the web interface as well as iOS and Android apps. If you are working on mobile apps, you can now upload a screen recording of the app test directly from your phone.


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