Giselle caught saying racist words, SM deletes video aespa


One of the AESPA personnel, Giselle, has recently drawn criticism from international netizens.


It started when aespa uploaded a behind-the-scenes video for their latest music video, entitled ‘Savage’.

In the video, AESPA members seem to be lipsyncing the song ‘Love Galore’ by singer SZA.

However, what caught the attention of fans was when Giselle mentioned the lyrics containing the word ‘N’, a word that is considered racist for black people.

Many of the fans admitted that they were disappointed that Giselle kept mentioning the ‘N’ word, even though she was known as a member of AESPA who was fluent in English.

After reaping a lot of controversy, SM Entertainment finally deleted the behind-the-scenes video from the aespa YouTube channel.


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