Giselle aespa apologizes for the issue of racism, these are Korean netizens’ comments


What do you think about the reaction of South Korean netizens about the apology from Giselle Aespa?


As fans know, Giselle just delivered her apology live on Twitter.

He wrote the apology in English after previously Giselle said the lyrics of a song that was considered racist against black people.

SM Entertainment has also deleted the behind-the-scenes video of ‘Savage’ which has drawn controversy among international netizens.

In response to Giselle’s apology, South Korean netizens on the theqoo site commented:

“But what about the lyrics of the song?”

“I think he should apologize like this. That is a sensitive issue. But don’t blame yourself too much.”

“From now on, black people’s songs can only be sung by black people,”

“I’m not a fan of aespa, but I feel sorry for Giselle,”

“I don’t understand why he has to apologize for this?”

“If it’s such a sensitive word, why did they include it in the lyrics of the song?”

“Giselle goes to school in Japan, so even though she is fluent in English she doesn’t necessarily understand Western culture. Please don’t use that as an excuse to criticize him,” and many more defensive comments from Korean netizens.


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