GIRLS UNITE! Irina Shayk Sided With Kylie Jenner Amid Criticism of The Lion’s Head Costume


Irina Shayk came to the defense of Kylie Jenner because of her lion head costume. The model also walked through the Paris fashion show. With the stars dazzling with their unique looks, two celebrities attract everyone’s attention. One was Dodge Kat with her red crystal, and the other was Kylie Jenner.

Now Kardashian and Jenners are known for their risky styles. This time, the owner of Kylie cosmetics in a wild outfit wore an imitation of a lion’s head over a black dress. Although she has very clearly stated that this is man-made work, some people criticize and call her because of the animal’s head. The model Irina Shayk is now defending.

What did Irina Shayk say about the lion’s head costume worn by Kylie Jenner?

Fashion doesn’t come without controversy. While Kylie Jenner stressed that her Paris Fashion Week style was created by a man, some people criticize her choice. They think that despite the fact that the lion’s head is not made of a real animal, it can send a message encouraging hunting. Now the model Irina Shayk has spoken out in defense of the sculpture. According to PageSix, she turned to social media and wrote: “I support these incredible artists who worked tirelessly with their hands, using wool, silk and foam to sculpt this embroidered lion.”

She explained how it was made of silk, sponge and cotton. The fashion house Schiaparelli did this by exploring the theme of power. The post contained several behind-the-scenes photos of her from Paris Fashion Week, where she walked down the catwalk to show off the lion’s head, which Jenner also wore. The lion appears to represent pride inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Inferno.

The poem also had a she-wolf and a leopard, who personified greed and lust, respectively. Not only Shake, but also PETA supported the costume, claiming that it celebrates the beauty of wild animals and may oppose hunting.

So far, both celebrities have stood their ground, paying tribute to the artists who spent long hours creating a realistic image of a lion. What do you think about Irina Shayk’s defense of the lion’s head costume worn by Kylie Jenner? Comment on your thoughts.


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