Ginny & Georgia: see all about the end of the Netflix series


The Ginny & Georgia series hit the Netflix catalog almost like a reimagined version of Gilmore Girls. Just like in the classic series, the plot follows a mother and daughter trying to start their lives again after the death of Kenny, Ginny’s stepfather and Georgia’s most recent love. In the last episode, her mother’s secrets begin to be revealed and Ginny makes a bold decision. Check out the full recap below!

Warning: the text below contains spoilers!

Find out all about the latest episode of Ginny & Georgia

At the end of the series, Joe finally decides to reveal his feelings for Georgia after remembering that she was the girl he had a romance with at age 15. However, he discovers that she is already engaged to Paul.

In addition, the last episode also begins to make Georgia face her worst secrets. A co-worker manages to find out about her checks fraud scheme at the mayor’s office. As if that were not enough, her daughter also suspects why they moved to another city and whether her mother was involved in Kenny’s death.

Ginny finds out that her mother poisoned her stepfather. As much as she did it to defend her, since she feared that Kenny might sexually abuse her daughter, she is afraid of what Georgia is capable of doing. So, she decides to run away.

That was not the only reason for her to make that decision. In fact, Ginny already felt excluded for having a black father and a white mother, making it difficult for her to find her place in society. With the feeling of alienation, self-harm and drugs, Ginny feels lost and wants to start somewhere else. Her brother, Austin, goes with her.

Another interesting point from the last episode of Ginny & Georgia is Cordova’s determination to find out what happened to Kenny. Even though she got rid of the body, Georgia underestimates how relentless she can be to find out what really happened and this can be an interesting arc for a possible season 2.

In addition to the emotional ending for Ginny’s escape, the series also caught the eye (negatively) for making a misogynistic joke with singer Taylor Swift. A joke about “changing men faster than Taylor Swift” caught the attention of fans and the artist herself commented on social media, drawing the attention of the streaming platform for making an inappropriate joke even though she released her documentary, Miss Americana.

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