Jinnytty Was Speechless After Twitch Deleted Her Emotion For “Sexual Content.”


Twitch IRL and variety streamer Jinny deleted their Twitch emotion for containing “sexual content”, much to the shock and confusion of both Jinny and her community.

Jinny , a TSM member since October, had problems with the Twitch live streaming platform.

On November 12, 2022, her account was blocked for the fourth time in her career. With a similar reaction of bewilderment to the decisions of Twitch employees.

She was also banned in August 2022 for unspecified reasons. Twitch did not say what is the reason for suspending her account.

Now a Twitch employee has decided to remove her emotion for allegedly showing “sexual content.” The emotion in question is a gif in which Jinny licks her lips with her eyes wide open and looks directly into the camera that recorded her.

Jinnytty’s “yyjTasty” emotion removed from Twitch

Jinny announced the removal live on December 26, showing the full email she received from Twitch, indicating the reason for this decision.

Jinny had nothing to say in the clip, but her emotions of funny disbelief can be easily read by the expression on her face.

In the full on-demand video from the stream, she continues the comment: “Don’t they have Kreygasm? Will Craigasm be banned soon? Craigasm is fine, and then I lick my lips… if Craigasm is fine, then this should be too.

Emotions of distrust are shared by Jinny’s community and other netizens. “They’re deleting it, but there’s still a hot tub section on Twitch, isn’t that sexual content,” reads one of the responses under Dexerto’s tweet, which broke the story on Twitter.

Neither Twitch nor any of its representatives or employees have commented on the situation yet. We hope that on appeal this classic Twitch emotion will be restored, but we will have to wait for further developments.


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