Gims very proud to be Top 3 with “So far so good” on Itunes


Forced to postpone the release of his new album, Gims nonetheless unveiled the title “So far everything is going well”. A success on Itunes!

Even though he was due to present his new album “Le Fléau” on November 6, Gims preferred to postpone its release due to the health crisis.

“Following recent information from the government, I decided to postpone my album Le fléau (…) Unfortunately, it’s complicated to release under these conditions. I step back to jump better, we stay positive! »He explained on his social networks.

However, Gims has thought of everything! So, to keep his fans patient, the rapper has unveiled a brand new track, entitled “So far so good”.

The song was selected to be the credits of “Here Everything Begins,” a spin-off from “Tomorrow Belongs to Us” currently airing on TF1. But in addition to being heard on TV, “So far so good” also resonates in the ears of his fans.

Indeed, the latter has just published a Story on his Instagram account, in which we discover the capture of the Itunes ranking. And his hit comes in 3rd place, just after Angela and Dua Lipa’s “Fever”, as well as Vianney’s “Step-Dad”. Just that !

A victory for Gims who comments on the TOP with monkey emojis hiding his eyes …


Gims does not intend to stop there! Remember, in April 2019, the latter announced that an album with the Sexion d’Assaut was going to be released!

More than one after, it’s Black M’s turn to tease this beautiful project! Indeed, the latter recently posted a video of himself in the studio with the following caption: “Roll on the end of the lockdown”, while taking care to identify the Twitter account of the Assault Sexion!

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His fans then reacted en masse to this small extract… And one thing is certain, they are eager to rediscover Gims, Black M and the whole gang! To be continued !


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