Gims: the price of his live concert revealed fans in shock!


Unfortunately deprived of concerts because of the health crisis, Gims in turn launched into virtual concerts. But at what cost !

Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, French artists are redoubling their imagination in order to stay in touch with their audiences. Not long ago, Gims then announced a big live concert!


Nothing seems to be able to stop Gims, not even a global pandemic. To the delight of his millions of fans, the singer with many hits is planning to organize a huge live concert!

Thus, on his Instagram account, wrote: “Corona! I haven’t said my last word! See you on Sunday December 20 for a live streaming concert! From your home, feet in a fan, with the whole FuegoTeam and the infernal booker Brahms and Grigson. We have suffered too much! “.

A news that had aroused many reactions among fans of Gims: “Thank you King of North”, “Where can we buy tickets? “,” Super hot! We are all so short of concerts… ”,“ We ​​will be there! “,” Thank you Gims! “It really is fire! I will be there ”,“ We ​​will be present ”,“ It will be huge ”.


According to the @Kultur Twitter account, it will cost € 9.90 to attend the live concert in Gims, on December 20.

News his fans have just heard that they don’t seem to be taking well. Indeed, many of them reacted to this announcement.

Below this post, we can read comments such as: “mdrrr pay 10 € for a live twitch”, “Fav if you are not going to pay”, “And then what else” or even “What a scam!”.

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Some of its subscribers are already starting to imagine schemes such as “paying € 9.90 and then doing a live on YouTube or Twitch so that everyone can watch for free”.

Will the Gims live concert be as successful as expected? To be continued !


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