Gims shares 3 dating techniques with Demdem!


In Story of his Instagram account, Gims shared his 3 flirting techniques with his darling DemDem. He did not fail to make his fans laugh!

This Monday, November 9, Gims posted several Story videos of his Instagram account. He gave flirting advice to his fans. To reveal his learning, he also showed how his techniques worked on his darling DemDem.

First of all, Gims told his fans that you had to try a very simple 1st technique. It’s about praise. The principle is simply to compliment your sweetheart. And this idea works very well.

Gims told DemDem during a little tête-à-tête at the restaurant, “Seriously I find you really super smart as a chick. It’s not ironic. It’s sincere, it’s serious. You have repartee ”.

The singer also added: “You know what you want, you know where you are going. You don’t let yourself be walked on. You have blue eyes “. And the least we can say is that his wife looked very touched!


A few minutes later, Gims unveiled another technique. He also revealed: “2nd approach: 2nd technique which is not the easiest. It’s the touch, the touch “. He then tried to touch his darling.

Unfortunately, this is also a total failure for the rapper. He told his fans: “Ouch Ouch it is not won”. On the other hand, his latest technique was a hit. This is surely the one that has worked the most.

The man explained, “3rd and final technique. When neither beauty nor elegance works: one way out, the last resort. I thought we could go to Hermès. I saw some really cool stuff. ”

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It remains to be seen whether his fans will decide to follow all of his advice as well. One thing is certain, he made his fans laugh on the social network.


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