Gims is very proud of his African roots on Instagram!


Gims unveils sublime photos on Instagram! The very famous rapper is then very proud of his African roots. Very active on Instagram, Gims constantly shares photos, each one more sublime than the next. The artist unveils new photos in the colors of Africa and is once again unanimous with his fans.

If Gims appears as one of the biggest stars of French song, he is also a very high quality blogger.

You have to believe that he can do everything! Thus, his Instagram account is full of sublime breathtaking images. And Internet users love it!

They follow the evolution of his feed very carefully, in search of new nuggets. And yet, there is plenty to do!

Gims spends a good part of his time feeding his profile with exclusive content. With it, Internet users do not have time to be bored.

The interpreter of You will miss me has just done it again with incredible photos in the colors of Africa.


Earlier today, Gims unveiled 2 new photos on Instagram. Something to delight his millions of fans.

The French singer and rapper thus appears in the middle of a group of people dressed in traditional outfits. And they are magnificent!

Seduced by the photos, Internet users then reacted en masse to their idol’s post. It must be said that it sends very heavy!

Gims is proud to be African with a very nice message. “Africa is a dragon looking for a lighter …”.

The interpreter of Sappés like never before evokes here the greatness and the riches of the continent. We let you take a look at these sublime photos!

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