Gims is having blast with his German Shepherd Chocapic!


In Story of his Instagram account, Gims shared adorable videos where he had fun like crazy with his German shepherd Chocapic!

On social networks, Gims does not hesitate to share videos or photos of his daily life. And this, to the delight of his fans. Recently, he brought to light his German Shepherd, named Chocapic.

This Wednesday, November 18, Gims shared several Story videos from his Instagram account. And the least that can be said is that he did not fail to melt his fans. Indeed, he revealed his little moment with his dog, Chocapic.

First, Gims posted a video of Chocapic bathing. One thing is certain, her German Shepherd is enjoying the good life in Dubai. Very close to the rapper, he also gave him big licks on the arm.

The artist had a blast with his dog. He revealed this adorable moment to his fans on social networks. But that’s not all. He also did some kind of documentary about his pet.


Indeed, in voiceover of his videos, Gims confided: “Swimming pool palm tree blue sky, German shepherd. A life in 360 °. This German shepherd does not lose the north, he bathes with impunity ”.

The young man also added: “Poker shot or real 360, this German shepherd has a more than favorable destiny. Chocapic by his real name ”. A few moments later, he quickly deviated onto another subject.

Indeed, DemDem’s sweetheart confided in his dog that he was soaking him. It must be said that after his short swim in the water, he could not help but return to the singer.

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An adorable moment of complicity that also made more than one crack on the social network!


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