Gims highlights the Lupine series with Omar Sy on Netflix!


Gims just shared the trailer for the Lupine series via his Instagram story! The series was released today on Netflix!

Gims promoted the Lupine series via his Instagram story! Indeed, the series with Omar Sy in the spotlight is available since that day on the Netflix platform!

Artist, song… And the same series! When Gims validate something, he doesn’t hesitate to promote it! Thus, the interpreter of “Bella” has just put a big spotlight on a brand new series broadcast on Netflix!

Via his Instagram story, the singer has indeed posted a video of the trailer for the Lupine series! A new mini-series on Neflix which was released on January 8, 2021 on the platform!

A series of less than 10 episodes in which we can notably find the actor Omar Sy in the leading role! The latter will therefore appreciate the spotlight of Gims!


Three days ago, Gims announced good news to his Instagram followers! Indeed, his album “Scourge” had just been certified platinum … A consecration for Dadju’s big brother who therefore expressed his joy on his social networks!

Internet users, for their part, were just as enthusiastic … Indeed, you only have to read the many comments below the post to realize it!

“While some get banned from social media, others silently smut and are deservedly rewarded. Bravo Gims, well deserved! »Or:« Let’s go to the diamond, bravo to you, your album is excellent! ”

You can read on the artist’s social network! Comments all more positive than the others which will therefore please the latter!


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