Gims: He’s so happy to sell 1 million albums!


Gims’ brother, Dadju is very proud to have sold 1 million albums in France! We’ll give you more details. Gims’s brother has sold 1 million albums in France!

He is often linked to his big brother Gims, but Dadju has been flying on his own for a while. To date, the young man has sold over 1 million albums in France!

And this between his Gentleman 2.0 albums and Poison or Antidote. So it’s a very good score for the young artist.

However, he will not yet dethrone his brother Gims. And even he knows it. Despite this he remains aware of the competition that lies between them.

“We are in full competition. “He confided in an interview with PRBK media. But Dadju still seems to be on track to hope to catch up with his big brother one day.


The career of Gims’ little brother is therefore well launched. Dadju’s career is indeed still at the top and even more so since he surpassed one million albums sold!

According to figures given by Le Snep, he would have sold 740,000 copies of Gentleman 2.0 and 660,000 of Poison or Antidote. A news which inevitably made react the principal concerned.

“I’m from the basement, homeless, 0 in my pockets so I wanted to say thank you for all that. “Writes the young artist on Twitter. “I am aware and grateful therefore from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU” he adds.

Moreover, this score is far from being defined. Indeed, Dadju has just released Miel Book, a reissue of his last album with 11 new unreleased tracks!

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We imagine that with that the man with the honeyed voice has not finished pleasing his fans. “My albums are really my babies. »He admits. Before adding: “I’m releasing an album to defend it to the end. ”

Maybe one day Dadju will overtake Gims? In the meantime the two brothers are still at the top. Case to be continued.


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