Gims finally unveils its Pirate video with J Balvin!


The fans were eagerly awaiting him, they will finally get to see him. We are of course talking about the Pirate de Gims music video, featuring J Balvin

For a job to be appreciated, you need to have spent a lot of time on it. Indeed, it allows us even more to relish our hard work. This is undoubtedly what Gims is thinking at the time of writing. The rapper having finally unveiled the clip of “Pirate”, in feat with J Balvin.

A title which should again react his rival Booba. Because for several weeks, if not several months, the DUC has not stopped attacking the member of the Assault Sexion. Even threatening to release his album the same day as him in early November.

In the end, Gims preferred to be patient and wait until December to offer “Scourge” to his audience. A choice making B2O laugh a lot who did not miss the opportunity to tackle him and call him a weakling on this subject.

A few days ago, he criticized him again for the “box set” that Meugui offered to his fans by buying his future album. This one, offering an exclusive autographed card as well as a 16-page booklet in its next project.

But a few years ago, this is a clip that Gims was throwing at his fans.


Well, if we think that Booba will still be talking about him for this release, it’s because the title of his rival’s track is none other than “Pirate”. Everyone knows the DUC’s “affection” for that word or “Piracy”.

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Therefore, we can think of another attack on his part towards Gims for the name of his song. But in the meantime, we especially suggest you treat yourself and savor this new clip with the Latin star J Balvin.

Because yes, if we suggest you “savor” the clip, it is quite simply because it was born as we let you know. After several months of waiting, Gims fans can finally see the final result.

It remains to be seen whether they will like it or not.


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