Gims: Eva Ducci balances on their relationship!


In an interview with Sam Zirah, Eva Ducci (10 perfect couples) made several confidences about her relationship with Gims!

For several weeks now, TFX has been broadcasting the new season of the 10 perfect couples. Fans have found Eva Ducci. The latter would have had an affair with Gims.

In April 2019, Eva Ducci (10 Perfect Couples) appeared in the music video “Miami Vice”. But some time after its release, rumors claimed that the pretty blonde had a relationship with Gims, married to DemDem.

In an interview with Sam Zirah, Eva Ducci (10 perfect couples) gave some info about her relationship with Gims. And the least we can say is that she made some amazing secrets. Indeed, she surprised her fans.

The young woman said: “We met in Via Notte, a club in Porto Vecchio … And me in the evening, I did not go unnoticed. So he spotted me from afar and I think he likes blondes a lot. ”


The one who appeared in the music video for Gims also added, “And he offered to do this ‘Miami Vice’ music video. So I said direct yes! Maître Gims he is very nice, he is very simple, when you know him he is super funny ”.

Eva Ducci also revealed: “We were in contact. But he started to have a lot of rumors about us that we were having an affair… It made a lot of fuss. So I preferred to end our relationship. ”

The one who was close to the artist continued, “Even though there was nothing crazy… (…) There are a lot of rumors so I said stop. It’s better for you. It’s for you, for your family. And it’s also better for me. ”

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Finally, she also concluded: “It’s better that we don’t talk to each other anymore. I really liked Gims. But I had to put an end to it all. It’s better like that” .


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