Gilmore Girls: Two actors from the famous series who hated each other in real life


While Gilmore Girls is known as a fun television show, there are many emotional and tragic elements as Rory and Lorelai deal with heartbreak, family conflict, and the harsh realities of adult life. However, each episode has at least one humorous scene, as Lorelai is famous for talking fast and turning anything into a joke, and she can’t help but be goofy and goofy in many situations.

The people of Stars Hollow are no strangers to romance and Gilmore Girls fans have specific partners that they championed over the course of the show. From Rory and Dean to Lorelei and Luke, many love stories flourished and failed on the series. While Gilmore Girls primarily focused on romances involving its two main leads and a few other characters benefited from well-written relationships, there are actors behind the scenes who didn’t have a very good relationship.

Although Amy Sherman-Palladino’s groundbreaking Gilmore Girls series primarily focused on the incredibly close relationship between young mother Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and her teenage daughter, Rory (Alexis Bledel), the love life of the mother and daughter as well. it was a big part of the program. Both women went through various boyfriends throughout the series, but for Lorelei, no man was as great as Luke Danes (Scott Patterson), owner of Luke’s Diner and with whom Lorelei shared a long flirtation that eventually turned into a true relationship. .

Unfortunately, according to Graham, Luke and Lorelei’s sharp banter did not translate into an off-screen friendship. In an interview, when she was asked about her relationship with Patterson, Graham explained her feelings.

“Okay. I think these characters have great chemistry, and that reflects our chemistry as people. We’re not close and we talk a bit.”

When the interviewer continued to ask if the two were “good friends,” the actress responded with the most forceful of all and threw a dry and resounding “no” into the air. This clearly marks the problems of the two actors getting along behind the scenes and although it did not seriously impact the drama of the series, there was a tension that flew over the set.

However, the two seem to have fixed things in recent years, even taking a selfie together around the 2016 launch of Netflix’s revival Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life, but it’s a shame this loving couple didn’t seem to get it right. behind the scenes, based on what fans thought.