Gil Ofarim’s lawyers challenge the start of the Star of David trial


Is Gil Ofarim (40) still spared from the process? About a year ago, the singer claimed that the staff of the Leipzig hotel mistreated him because he was wearing a necklace with a star of David. However, soon after, doubts arose about Gil’s accusations of anti-Semitism, and as a result, on October 24, he is due to appear in court on false suspicions and slander. But now Gil’s lawyers seem to want to change everything.

According to Bild, the legal adviser of the former candidate for The Masked Singer, reportedly published a two-page letter in which he proves “the invalidity of the introductory decision.” Accordingly, an approved lawsuit against Gil should not be valid. “As it has now become clear, the presiding judge was not allowed to participate in the decision to recognize the indictment for legal reasons at the time of his decision to open the main proceedings against our client,” the lawyers claim. It is alleged that there is a bias against the presiding judge, a decision on which has not yet been made.

First of all, the judge’s statement that he could not imagine anti-Semitism in an upscale hotel was a thorn in the side of Gil’s lawyers: “Such a statement would be comparable to a case where a woman claims to have been the victim of sexual harassment in a hotel, and the responsible judge would have said in advance that he could not imagine it because of the price range of the hotel.” The district court has not commented on this yet.


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